You set off, you leave behind and you take away.

That is how I usually begin a change process. And during the process, the content may change, because the world is constantly changing and more dynamic than ever.

The questions I ask directly or indirectly are about the impulse:

Financial, personnel, environment, succession, range, private?
Is the change a ‘wannahave’ or a ‘musthave’?
For whom: a few or most?
Is the desire greater than the resistance?
Is the desire to change rational or emotional?
Is it a temporary or a permanent wish?
Is the change agent prepared to endure the resistance?

And then we consider the answers together and the following questions arise:

What is the expected result?
When is that result expected (or calculated)?
What is the organisation’s capacity to change?
In which phase is the organisation?
Where in its lifecycle?

And usually I ask ‘during’ again. Because the cards are constantly being reshuffled during the game and the outcomes are therefore sometimes different.

When you read all this, it probably doesn’t come across as a SMART change process. I always keep in mind that the success of a change process is not a goal, but the success of the people and the organisation, the contribution of the organisation to its stakeholders, that is the PURPOSE.
And the continuity, flexibility and vitality of the organisation.

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