Dialogue partner

Co-Thinking means for you that, for a certain period, someone is on your side , who thinks critically with you in organizational terms.

A dialogue partner who thinks along with the development of your organization and your projects.


We advise in organizations, where managers and executives are responsible for the economic and ideational success of their businesses, for their customers’ satisfaction with the products and services, and for the well-being of their employees.

Culture Check

“Cultural differences” refers not only to international groups in which people from different backgrounds work together, but also to differences in organizational culture that can be seen, for example, when companies merge. Last but not least, it is about “cultural differences” within organizations, caused by the different professional backgrounds or by the cooperation of different generations.

Change Round

“We are not merely living in an era of change, but more in a change of era”

Is there a specific change needed in your company? Or is there a phase of transition, for example from generation to generation or after a merger?

Are you well prepared for opportunities and risks in the short and medium term? What do you need now to promote the development of your business?


Feedback Culture

Feedback culture is the key to many changes.

Do you know if your communication is reaching your employees and your customers well – and how it is being received?

Are you using the ideas and potential of your team and your customers to further develop your products, services and processes?

How do you discover what motivates your employees and are there opportunities for your employees to provide each other with feedback; the prerequisite for personal and joint growth?

What got you here
won’t get you there

Once in a while you lean back in the middle of a (change) process.

You look back and see a, until recently, successful process. You look around and see until recently enthusiastic employees. But now the process has stopped – the energy seems to be out. And in this way you are not achieving the intended success. You analyze the situation and realize that what brought you to this point with success is not taking you any further.

That’s one of those times when Co-Thinkers in Change can get your process back on track. Focused questions to all parties involved, an inventory of knowledge and answers and the addition of knowledge and experience together provide energy, motivation and action, so that the process gets moving again.

Sometimes we accompany you a bit on your path of change, but often only Touch & Go is necessary. (We mean this positively – as an impulse that in many cases is completely sufficient to move forward on your own).



We like to describe our approach as the flow of a river: A river naturally meanders its way through the landscape, snatching a piece of the bank here, carving out a new channel there, and further on allowing the sandbank to wander or sediment to adhere to the bank along the way. The current thus influences the shape and location of the river, and conversely, the river influences the current.

To change the flow of a river or to make the river flow again, there must be knowledge about the undercurrent, the bed and the banks. By having knowledge of these, using the possibilities and removing obstacles, the river will start to flow (differently).

Does that sound complicated? Yes. Developing car tires, making paper, managing building codes, managing a healthcare service, designing heterogeneity and inclusion, installing photovoltaic systems or designing trade show booths also sounds complicated. You can do that, we can do that other.


Heike Smets

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Co-Thinkers in Change

Heike Smets is German, Désirée Vroegop is Dutch. When they are together, they speak German, and switch to English and Dutch when the word is more meaningful or makes it easier to understand what exactly is meant. Both are internationally oriented and together they talk (for over 10 years) about the cultures in countries and organizations.

As a result, they think in terms of ‘best of all worlds’. The differences are interesting and never insurmountable, their world is of global scope through their conversations.

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