Culture Check

Corporate culture consists of the common behavior and norms and values related to the way people (in organizations) interact with each other, their work and their managers.
Corporate culture is essential for strategy and change processes.

Culture Check

“Cultural differences” refers not only to international groups in which people from different backgrounds work together, but also to differences in organizational culture that can be seen, for example, when companies merge. Last but not least, it is about “cultural differences” within organizations, caused by the different professional backgrounds or by the cooperation of different generations.

In a Culture Check we examine the culture issues in all layers of your organization, and analyze the influences of these on communication and progress of the processes. This provides insights to all involved, leading to new possibilities and choices.


Culture-Check School

Heterogeneity in schools is not only about the diversity of children and youth. The diversity of the teaching staff is also increasingly an issue. The school has vactures – for teaching a number of subjects – for specialists who normally practice another subject/ have done another training. In addition to these specialists, teachers from outside the school come to the elementary school, trained for other types of school.

What are the possibilities of enabling fruitful and synergistic cooperation between different people in your team? Do you recognize the opportunities and problems in this situation? Do you have a plan to address existing problems and exploit potential?

Our Culture Check is therefore also very suitable for schools and for transitions to new forms of collaboration.